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Okay, so my royal is now clear fluid yellow LL lava that originally came with it. The lava is crazy neon yellow and lights up my entire room when it's on.

It's a tad to bright. Can I use the colors that came with my goo kit to color the LL lava? If not, what can be used.


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Good question -  I've actually tried coloring lava wax using goo kit dye with terrible results.  What has worked in the past with my lamps is to find a lava lite lamp like the one you own and use the wax from it by mixing it into your existing lava lamp wax.  Example - drain and save the liquid from your lamp and melt the wax.  Then remove a spoonful of the wax and replace it with the new wax you've taken from another lamp.  Stir until you reach desired color but be careful since the lamp takes on a whole new look once plugged in and the light shines through after adding liquid back.  Also be careful that you don't turn existing wax the dreaded greenish brown. My suggestion would be to get a color mixing guide chart online so you know what colors to mix so you don't mess up and end up with the dreaded greenish brown wax.  I hope this idea helps.  

Thanks for the info but I don't have a lamp right now that I can grab wax from so for now, I'll leave it as is or take the wax out, goo kit the royal and play with the crazy yellow wax another day.

you could tint the water very lightly to dim it a bit.    worst case you have to sit it out in the sun to fade the water color back out if you hate it.

True but I have not had good success tinting liquid with lava lamp lava. For some reason the mccormiks does something that makes the wax flow shitty. My friend tried it to and the coloring ruined his lamp.

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