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This rocket lamp keeps showing up on CL nearby me. Can anyone tell me if this is a real Lava Lite lamp or a knockoff? Is it rare? Should I plunk down $10 for it? It's a bit of a drive but if its the real deal, maybe I will.


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Samantha, as I said in your thread, the tough thing about your lamp is that there are still lamps like it being made and there is no real way to say how early it was. There are many sellers out there both in person and on sites like ebay that will say all kinds of years as to when they think it was made.  The china made copies did not really start being made till the 90's and that is when I said your lamps are from. 

Ben - you seem to have great luck with Craigslist!  I've had some luck on Craigslist, too -- probably something good comes along at a great price every 2-3 weeks.  Gotta' stay up with it, and I agree, be ready to ponce!  :>)  WTG!

Yeah, it all depends on how far you want to drive and how many gooheads are in your area. I'm pretty rural, so it's likely that helps.

Well this was her brothers who is now bed ridden and maybe its a fake but its also cool but also what about the swirled based lamps does anybody have a picture of the orange that they can't find?

the swirl ones Samantha? Like these?  http://oozinggoo.ning.com/page/psychedelic-swirl

yeah is that red one rare or something and if so what would be the least you would pay for it and the most

the red one is the most rare of the colors, they pop up on ebay a few times a year. I personally would not pay more than 30, but that is more of a personal choice, there are many who would pay more.

They have one up for 98 all together i believe

As I said, I would not pay a lot, I am notoriously cheap and the only reason I would get a red swirl would be to complete my collection which is not something that is super important to me. Any collectable is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. To someone other than me having that red swirl may be of great importance and therefor they would be willing to pay more than I personally would.

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