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I try and look at this site using my Android phone but it doesn't display correctly. Any idea what I can do to fix this? When I try and reply for example it doesn't send the reply.

I borrow my daughters computer as I no longer have one. I guess I could by a cheap laptop. Might have to do that. Just have been able to do everything using my phone and haven't missed having one. Except this website. lol

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Its a ning thing. Mark has no control over how the site renders. I too have an android phone, but I can navigate the site fairly well. Download dolphin browser and if that doesnt fix it change the browsers user agent to desktop.

On mine I have this bar going across the screen that tells me the number of people who's on and something about chat and a big box towards the right with a green arrow. I was able to get it better by using the stock browser that came with the phone. I had been using skyfire. I still have the bar going across but at least I can participate in the discussions. :)

Yeah... that's a problem I have not been able to solve.

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