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Just got this off ebay.... It was the owners first sale and she used an icon of a lava lamp instead of an actual picture of this in the description. I managed to get it for $10 plus $5 shipping! I told Bhodan I thought it was a pink/pink.... but, he didn't see the picture. So... is this color combination pink/pink.. or maybe pink/red (if they had that combo)? Bhodan also said if pink/pink is right its from 1990.



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It looks like pink/red. What does the cap say? Should be numbered (big numbers are the color)?
Its a screw on cap... I can't budge it,(unless I really need to I guess, man its Tight!)
Glad to hear it.... I'm was told they are "very, very, rare." Dumb luck for me. (and that's RARE too...)

Yes that lamp is very rare, hold on to it my friend.
Oh my god!! I wish I had this luck!!congrats.
You did good on this one!!!!!

Holy crap!!! Its amazing what I don't know..... I kinda feel guilty about buying.... not so much to send it back mind you. Did they not offer this combo very long??

What!?!? They're worth that much??? Holy cow, I'd better start digging through the basement, I have one somewhere!

Nice scoreLars!!!
Now someone help me find a clear/lime green. There doesn't seem to be many green lavas out there.... (why do I like the hard to find colors)

Love it, and keep it away from direct sunlight. Yup, that's a rare one - Midnight Century before they switched to bottlecaps + rare pink/pink = win.

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