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One of the rarest of all Century color combos. 

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I saw that as well, but not for that price lol

Looks like its early 70's late 60s with the lower wax level.  I have a 72 and the wax level is half of that of the later 70s i have.  I guess the really early ones they used less wax ?

Yes, it's indeed super rare! Unfortunately, lava prices are all a low right now, so that's not likely to sell at that price. You'll see one of these pop up on eBay every so often. The key is to look for the slight green sheen when the globe is at an angle. Straight on, the liquid usually looks yellow.

And yes, late 60s models had less wax.

I've had two of these model 101s. One I tried to restore (and failed) and another one I'm in the middle of trying to fix, but not having luck. The wax is biodegrading (or something). That white gunk in it is hard to get rid of.

Mine is 72 and has low level wax too i dont think its just 60s. i think early 70s diid too.. mine is proof.

Mine is also the rare yellow liquid. green wax.   This one is just a red one whats so special about this ? is it the liquid i guess 101 is flourescent ? 

Oh as for prices.. youd be suprised a 70s century sold for 188$ the other day on ebay.. Jusy a regular 70s red century..  It sold for so much though because the red wax was like new still..  I have one like that and i bet i could get 150 or so for it easy.. Its hard finding them with perfect wax like mine and that 188$ one.

Pics people take make em look good but they all habe some powder or bubbles in em. 

Yep 101 is red wax/fluorescent green master fluid. Apparently Lava-Simplex only made them for one year.

I'm surprised that this one has a standard one piece base rather than the old style two-piecer. This must be a later 101. 

If it is then its pro ly early 70s like my yellow.green one.  Mine is one peice.. The base inside looks different then my later 70s but its one peice and as i said has low level wax.   I asked this person to check under the cap for a date by tilting the lamp and looking inside but i dunno.

The 240$ price tag and ( see details in title) description kinda strikes me as a person whos a dick

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