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My Aunt used to own a ceramic business and she has shown me a lot of cool things i can do....Well I can make the bottom half of a lava lamp in almost any shape or form...DO you guys have ideas of shapes colors or anything that you would want as a base....I am a creative guy and can make almost anything...So I want to start making bases and i need the ideas so please show me pics or colors or whatever you can come up with and i will try to make it!

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No Ideas?
there was a few lava lamps made in ceramic base's. One was a lighthouse tower, icebergs And polo bears Also have seen one of a volcano, Now if you could make one that could be a volcano i would be intrested.
I can probably come up with that....Pretty traight forward and simple... Do you happen to ahve a pic of what one looked like?
Something circus themed would be cool for me. I will make the idea more specific and get you a picture or more detailed description.

The top shelf are all ceramic customs.... I also second the volcano idea.

OK cool I will start getting some MOLD ideas together... I am alos working on a full custom about 2 Ft tall going to use Electril Louie's Goo....
ok cool I have to hand make the molds from scratch so it will be a little bit before i get it completed....but i think i can get something easy like a tocket ship sitting on mars or something in the retrospect!
what size globe would you want these to fit? A 52 oz?
i am in the process of trying to find high quility replacement springs for china globes as well
Here's what I was thinking related to the circus idea.
Maybe the base could be a big top tent (see picture). The globe could sit in the top and then maybe a cap could be the tip of the big top. Also maybe a clown or elephant on its hind legs or something around the base of the tent.
Tell me what you think or if it would be possible. 32z globe.
How much would something like this run me?

I am going to come up with a few different items and each item will probably be availabe in 32 and 52 oz base sizes. I am also going to be working on clear acrylic bases as well. I will have to go to the ceramic shop and see if they have molds that are some what already in a tent shape maybe and then modifiy it to seat a globe and lamp...I will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks for all your imput
Do u still make ceramic bases

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