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Good Morning All,

Anybody interested in purchasing this little gem of a lamp? It's available this morning at an estate sale in the Chicago area. Here's the link http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/gms/3747651907.html

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Hey Joe is this your listing?

Well if anyone goes to retrieve it, watch out for sinkholes. Yikes!

Hello Dr. What. No this is not my listing, I just came across it by chance. I was searching Craigs List here in Chicago for a new Weber grill and this estate sale in Clarendon Hills was posted. I took a look and could'nt believe what I saw in one of the pictures. My plan was to try and make it to the sale this morning but with all the rain that we have had I was lucky just to make it out of my sub division. So I figured I would post the link this morning and offer the opportunity to someone else from this web site. I know there are a lot of other fellow goo heads in the Chicago area and would like to see someone who could truely appreciate this little treasure get the chance to have it for there very own.

Okay thanks for the heads up but usually we do not post listings of lamps unless they are your own.

Thanks for this Joe - If she is up for a little bit of a road trip, I'm going to see if my wife can make it to this estate sale tomorrow.

Good luck Jim. I had a feeling this would attract your attention

Is that a Florence Art lamp? It looks very interesting.

Yep, Florence Mediterranean-style. Most brass Florences had satin brass metal; this is one of the only brass ones that, instead, has a metallic gold paint.

Thanks Jonas.

Now, who snapped this baby up?

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