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I decided to test and see if a new coil in my China clear/white 52oz would fix it's issues. What do you know, it does! I thought I would share the spring type I used and some photos in case anyone out there wants to give it a go. Well worth it. My lamp actually flows now. Before, it would not attach to the spring and it would just blob up at the bottom and stay there. Even after cleaning the cheap coil inside.

Now, it's what a lava lamp should be! :D Thanks to all here for the wealth of information and knowledge. Without it, this would not have happened.

Package Info - Springs purchased at Lowe's

Old coil on the left, new coil on the right. Penny is to show size.

Great new flow!

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Wow looks great!!!!!!!!!

Amazing difference, very nice.
Super nice lamp! Where did you get a white/clear combo?
Thanks everyone.

6ft-Under - It was a white/blue. It was bleached last year out in the sun. For the most part it is clear. However it needs just another week to finish it up. Still has a very slight blue hue.
How long did you leave it in the sun?
Weeks? Days?
It was actually months. I never did one and put it out too early. The sun was not strong enough so it sat out there longer. When the sun was at it's peak (summer), it changed very quickly. Were talking a week or two only.

If you put it out at the corret time, it will change pretty fast. If you can, remove the cap and pour the liquid into another bottle and secure the cap (tea bottle) and put that out there. That way you won't risk fading any wax.
Hard to believe that's a china globe, why they would shrink the coil??? Oh probably because the better one costs a dime more. Nice Job though, looks great.
No idea why they would do that. The coil is small enough to work in the 32oz lamps if I am correct. At least it appears that way.

I replaced the coil in my clear/red. Waiting to see if anything has changed.
What would cause lava to only have a couple of blobs? My red has been a problem since day one. It blobs up one blob that is about the size of a raquet ball. Nothing else. Not sure what the deal is though.
Yes it is. Picked up up a few weeks back. I have only run it about 10 times maybe. If that. It was filtered and a new coil put in. Was running like crap before so it's not anything I did.

Right now it's flowing, but only 3 or 4 blobs. Does not flow like my clear/lime, clear/white china lamp. I did get a replacement clear/red from lava world a week ago. However I did not use it. I just packed it up. Should I break it out and see if it has the same issue?

Here are a couple pics..

That's as good as it gets. If you look at my clear/white, clear/lime - the flow is much better.
Yeah, I have been running it for a while now and the flow is much improved. The wax reminds me of jello because of the transparency.
Great flow! I want to replace a couple of my lamps with bigger coils. How do you connect the ends together?

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