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hi guys

i have a few crestworth fibre optic lamps and the fibres are looking very grubby, is there any way to clean them without knackering them up





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thanks crestworh
I needed this info as well, thanks.
Glass fibers - soak in Windex, rinse in warm water. Let dry really good. Usually takes a week. Then coat them liberally with baby powder.
Please tell me what is windex

Windex is an ammonia based glass cleaning solution. I can not advise on any tips for cleaning fiber sprays but I can help with the Windex question :)

I soaked my fiber spray in windex and it must have loosed the glue holding the fibers in place and it lost a tremendous amount of them and looks balding and terrible now.

Oh what a shame you'll have to buy a new one from Germany I've just bought 2 look fantastic
Anyone know what paint they use on colour wheels for fibre optic sprays

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