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New, never ran red/clear collossus for sale. Pickup only in ohio.

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Man I with this wasn't a 24h round trip. If you decide to come to New England let me know! Finding one even remotely local is a dream of mine.


Hi, where in Ohio?  And do you have pics?

I am on vacation until next week. I will take pics when i get home. Around urbana ohio

razerface said:

do not have the outside box to go around styrofoam on the globe. My wife used it to make a yardsale sign when i bought the lamp because she thought i did not need it. I bought 2 lamps and i only ran one of them. 

Sold and gone

lol the few months i get out of lava and a colossus go up for sale!?! Congratulations to who picked it up! would love to see some flow pictures.

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