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I've looked high and low on the web and cannot find a replacement bulb for my colossus. The original bulb has been listed as R95-200W on some sites. There are no reflector bulbs out there on any light bulb site that are 200W with a MOL of about 5.2 inches.


I unscrewed the bases of the metal bulb holder and spread the base, drilled holes and screwed the base back together to lower the height of the bulb socket so I can use a 250W clear infrared heat lamp that has a MOL of 6.5". The "color" of the infrared bulb is about 2500, which is similiar to the original incandescent.


There's another thread which discusses MH as a possible sub. Trying to incorporate a MH bulb seems like a lot of hassle. What are my fellow lava peeps doing to address this issue?




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Use of a higher wattage bulb is ill advised. The bottles Lava World uses are cheap and thing. They can and will crack if too much heat is applied.
50 Watts is little difference and it can be adjusted via the built in dimmer. I am not going to be held hostage by the Chinese. I can also now order the Phillips BR40-200W which has the same MOL as I have now adjected to (6.5").
it is called a br30 some motion detectors come in 200 watt. try commercial electrical supplies store. no infrared.
Well, my metal halide substitute idea is canned if the base can't accept a MOL of 6". I can't find any 200W lamp with a 5.2" height.

The best I can find is the Philips part # 145516, 175PAR38/HEAT/CL, which is a 175W clear glass infrared lamp with a height of ~5.3"

As for normal lamp 150W is available in BR38, 5 1/4" height, but not 200W.
Perhaps GE or Osram Sylvania may have something else, but not in Philips catalog

I didn't realize it used proprietary lamp.
Since you adjusted the socket maybe this will fit http://www.bulbs.com/eSpec.aspx?ID=13870&Ref=Reflector&RefI...

I know it may be a joke trying but have you contacted LavaWorld about this ? Hopefully they can get the bulbs for the lamps they sell...but I would not count on it.

Quick Update - The infrared heat lamp solution is working well, it has now ran for a couple of days. I ran it a little hot initially, but have since found the "sweet spot" and marked the adjustment knob and the base with a sharpie. My advice would be to start it up in the early am so you can tweak it during the day as necessary. When unsure/before going to bed, adjust it to the "cool side." Anyway, whenever I need a replacement bulb, it's now available for $8 at the local home improvement store and the life is rated at 5000 hours vs. 2500 for the original bulb.

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