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Possibly selling 2 colossus lamps.

I have not been on here in a quite a long time and
I have not messed with my lava lamps in quite a long time....8 years?
At one time i had 3 colossus lamps in my possession.
i bought used...2 i bought new (and had them shipped truck freight) from some OEM 'warehouse' storage find at least
a decade ago.

Hopefully i don't muck up the post.......

I have one red colossus lamp in my possession.
I have not fired it up in at least 5 years.
I used to have it at work on a timer....that started at 3am and turned off at 4pm?
When i left that job that was the last time this lamp was moved.
And my neck still fn hurts..............**heavy**
See attached/embedded pics.

I should have another one at my brothers house that I have to pick up
(not sure on the colors involved). I had no room to store it and
he collects lava lamps. no pics of this one at this point.

Trying to gauge interest...and what possible price....i could get out of these.

If it becomes a hassle, then i won't bother selling them.
That hassle includes shipping them. CASH only...no electronic payments.......
So this would most likely be local pickup only...new castle county, Delaware...east coast USA.

No boxes.

I will attempt to check messages and associated email every so often.

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I got a number of emails(oozinggoo website)....asking about this lava lamp.

If you want some feedback from me regarding this....send me your personal email address
and i'll contact you that way....otherwise you might miss out.

Price you're asking? 

I have not looked into what price i 'should be asking' for for these or what they are worth.
I have a rough idea of what i paid for them 'back then'.

I may trade one for some large 'wave motion lamps'.

I was able to successfully get and transport a 2nd colossus lamp that my brother was 'holding' for me
on saturday. my nephew had no problem lifting that mofo lamp all by himself.

I'll be testing/running both lamps the next chance i get and taking video/photos
which i hope to post. I would assume that if people wanted to buy them then they
would want proof that they work...and this will be it. Maybe with a dated news paper
in the video.  Not sure when all of this will happen at this point.

If you did not send me an email with your personal email address then you might be out of luck.
a couple of people have. so do it ASAP.

I spent some time...the last 2 weeks...testing these 2 lamps.
I'm done firing up these lamps.

They both work....although the yellow takes more time to heat up/flow than the red.
Can't find a way to include video here....and those files are pretty big anyway...
So these photos will have to do.

I expect these to sell between 2000$ and 3000$.
Like i mentioned. they must be picked up in newcastle county, DE.
I will not deliver/ship them. These do *not* include boxes.

You will probably have to get your own bulb....as i used the same bulb to test both.

There is a small chance that I can get a 3rd colossus and sell it for my brother.
But i wouldn't count on it.


Hey T....sent you a friend request a while back........let's talk. 

T I can't send my email until you accept my friend request. I'm close to DE, let's chat.

Must be a Colossal decision to give these Giant beauties up for sale. I know they will live in very appreciative and lava loving homes. J

Not really that hard of a decision...until i tested them out and liked how they flowed...
then i came to my senses. Now i'm just trying not to knock them over.

I haven't fired the red lamp up much at all...maybe 7-8 years ago?
This one probably has less than 100 lifetime hours...since i bought it new at least 10 years ago.

The yellow one...i got back from my brother who was holding it for me..didn't
run it much either...he said less than 100 hrs when he had it.
This one i bought used from someone in philadelphia a couple of years before
I got the red one. #of total hrs unknown.

but like i said..i got them both to flow.
current status of both: in the process of selling........

These 2 colossus lava lamps have been sold.
I will not reveal any details of the transactions() involving names or $$$$.
But i am confident that they went to a good home.
It did no seem fair for me to keep using one of these at a coat rack.
If the buying party(s) wish to reveal themselves and what they paid then that is their

I may have mentioned this in an earlier post....maybe this will help someone out.
I moved these lamps around, took them off their bases, took them off a metal
pedestal (or old metal tower pc case...reinforced....)....that the base sat on...
using a handtruck and a large blanket quadrupled folder over as a 'cushion'......
as a 'lever' more or less.
It worked well.

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