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Found oozinggoo.com when I was looking for ways to repair the Grande I picked up at CostCo a few years ago.  It's one of the Chinese made ones that has gone extremely cloudy and ceased to flow (going to try replacing the fluid one of these weekends). 

It was here that I found out about really big Lava lamps.  I was bowled over by videos of the  Colossus lamps and really want to see if I could get one, I couldn't find them available anywhere so I wrote LavaLite.  I wanted to let this group know what I got this from Lava Lite today:

We have a special promo on the Colossus for serious buyers.   This will be the last time the Colossus will be seen.

Please see attached promo sheet with pricing included.

If you are interested please contact on my direct line at 630-496-6663.


Best regards,


Susan Michaels

Customer Service Representative


630-496-6663 direct line



Sadly these prices are outside of my discretionary funds, even though they include shipping.  I post it in hopes that someone here may be interested.


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So cool. Too bad there aren't many companies out there making the lamps anymore.

going to be ordering mine as soon as we can on Mon, tried today but they were not open.

What about the bulb, I would love to get one, but I thought you cant get a big wattage bulb anymore with the new rules in the usa. Im sure because of that the bulb prices are through the roof for this lamp

The Colossus uses a flood bulb, which is exempt from the regulations. I think the reflector bulb used in the Grande is as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the bulbs eventually become harder to find. For now, I just recently ordered a set of 20 Grande bulbs for a little more than $1 each.

yeah about a year ago i got the case of bulbs for my grande's ok its a flood bulb, thanks man. I am going to try to buy one. just waiting on my federal return

Just ordered mine, She said there was 60 with 10 tables left and there is a guy from the old factory that has hand checked each lamp.

Thanks for getting a count, it makes me not a desperate to sneak out of the office to order one.  It will get done, now I just know it doesn't have to be right this moment, lunch will work.

What colors has everyone ordered?

I got a clear/red, per hubbys request/demand, actually hubby ordered it

Classic!  Good for you.  :D

Gwen Williams said:

I got a clear/red, per hubbys request/demand, actually hubby ordered it

I want a clear/black, but don't know how much light it would give off at night.  Anyone have any idea?

I have a clear/black grande and it is on the bright side.

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