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Found oozinggoo.com when I was looking for ways to repair the Grande I picked up at CostCo a few years ago.  It's one of the Chinese made ones that has gone extremely cloudy and ceased to flow (going to try replacing the fluid one of these weekends). 

It was here that I found out about really big Lava lamps.  I was bowled over by videos of the  Colossus lamps and really want to see if I could get one, I couldn't find them available anywhere so I wrote LavaLite.  I wanted to let this group know what I got this from Lava Lite today:

We have a special promo on the Colossus for serious buyers.   This will be the last time the Colossus will be seen.

Please see attached promo sheet with pricing included.

If you are interested please contact on my direct line at 630-496-6663.


Best regards,


Susan Michaels

Customer Service Representative


630-496-6663 direct line



Sadly these prices are outside of my discretionary funds, even though they include shipping.  I post it in hopes that someone here may be interested.


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I should clarify: when I'm checking the temperatures of the lamps, I'm using an infrared thermometer, directly against the globe, at the widest part of the globe.

I ran my clear/red for three weeks non stop at 100% using a 200 watt bulb with no issues. The coil half way shows at times, but it always corrects itself.

Ben said:

I should clarify: when I'm checking the temperatures of the lamps, I'm using an infrared thermometer, directly against the globe, at the widest part of the globe.

I have not had a good run of my colossus in many, many weeks. :( It ran so well before...I know what it's capable of. I don't know if it will ever come back or not. I wrote Susan about it 2-3 weeks ago, but have not gotten a response. I guess I'm SOL?

Red/Clear - flawless.  Flows for weeks at a time on 200w bulb at full power.  Never been stuck.

Yellow/Purple - Great flow, but still gets stuck when room temperature rises to upper-70s.  Turning dimmer down usually corrects it, but sometimes it stops or flows poorly then.   200w bulb.  Runs best at 40 minutes in a low to mid-70s room.

Pink/Purple - 3 quarts (half) LL/3 quarts (half) MT goo with 5 gal LL liquid/3 gal distilled water appears to have cured my worst lamp.  I have been running it for a couple of days now on 250w bulb at 30 minutes.  Amazing flow.

I think the paradox of these *bad goo* Colossi is they flow best at higher temperatures, but at these higher temperatures they are also prone to getting stuck.  Lower temperatures result in no or poor flow.  So, my theory was to put some MT goo in there that flows at lower temperatures thereby avoiding the high heat stuck problem.  At least on my Pink/Purple, it seems to have worked.

Kirk, I think you're totally right about the flow issues. That's why I tried using a fan on the p/y with the dimmer set higher so I could get hotter wax without over heating, but I could never perfect the process. Removing a coil or swapping them out made no difference for yours, correct? I think we've narrowed down the problem to the wax itself, and your Frankenstein Colossus is proof of that. I salute you in the name of lava science!

Can anyone with goo kit experience say how durable the goo kit wax is? MetallicaMan Trevor mentioned the wax doesn't last very long. I'd want to know its gonna last before I goo kit a Colossus.

Ben - you and I have tried the same things.  I was even contemplating how to rig up a small fan for it, or even drilling holes in the base ala Century-style.  Or maybe another way to reduce the heat on the bottom of the globe?  But since I have my red/clear with 2 coils flowing perfectly at both low and high temps - I decided the wax needed fixin'.  Crazy, I know.

Removing a coil and replacing coils made little difference for me.  

I'm thinking about Frankenstein-ing my yellow/purple now, too.  And once I start thinking about it... :>)

Do it do it do it...

Maybe I've been babying my colossus too much. :-/

Maybe I need to try running it on 100%?

I can't imagine that would be a good idea. If I ran mine that hot they'd overheat in no time. I can only crank them up that high for a brief roiling/boiling show; then it's back down below the 30 minute mark.

Does anyone know if these are still available (available) and how many .... missed out on this !


I doubt it, but the only way to be sure would be to contact Susan

I agree. Call Susan and tell her you read about it here. She might have some odds & ends left to sell.

Gwen Williams said:

I doubt it, but the only way to be sure would be to contact Susan

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