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I was contacted by a great friend today, who shared the distressing news that some "scumbag yuppies" had bought his building and he was being kicked out of his longtime apartment (Chicago).  As a result, he will need to unload a significant number of lamps, parts, etc.  Exact amount of goodies TBD, but should have a better idea this weekend.

I have volunteered my basement as a storage option, so I sense the majority of the goods will be in possession.  I told him that me and my Tacoma are at his disposal all weekend.

This thread is meant as a placeholder and head's up.  Start licking your chops and fine tuning your wishlists.

To keep things real... I am not a thrift shop.  Don't expect $5 Centuries and $20 Giants.  My friend (and fellow Oozing Gooer) is a connoisseur of fine motion lamps and I will be looking out for him.  Those who have transacted with me should know how I operate though.  Admittedly a little slow to get items shipped, but fully transparent in conducting transactions and borderline psycho in terms of packaging lamps.

I will not alloow him to sell everything as he has a collection that I bow down to.  To wet your appetite, he does have a handful of Colossi (yes, as in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).  Numerous Goo Kit customs, double-digit Grandes/Giants, etc.

The official sales thread is actually a sales album, and can be located here:  Black German Shepherd Sale

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1 colossus is more than 2 handfuls of colossi. :p

I feel for your friend. :( If I could do it, I'd so love a giant...

 would appreciate it if you contacted me when you post photos or do whatever it is you do to list these fine lamps.

I just sent you a friend request so you have my contact info.  If you need anything else.  Let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Jim, I have my eyes peeling for a yellow/clear princess and a red/clear princess. The white base/white cord lamps not the supremo tall gals. Once I posses these two combos I will have the full set and I can morph into...I am not sure on that morph part yet but I just need those two combos to finish the set.

Sad news.  Hope he finds a good place soon!  If I'm in the market for anything when the lamps are available it might be a Giant, or a red psychedelic swirl.  

I might drive to Chicago for a Colossus... depending on price.

I hear ya Todd - so disappointed with Lava Lite scrapping their 50th anniversary plans as I already had even secured clearance from the tower for a second one.

And agreed Keith - super sad news.  The blue/white Giant I just sold was sold to him as was a clear/black screw cap Century.  Susan will be crushed as he is her absolute favorite member of this site (even though he is never on).  His apartment was an absolute feast for the eyes with all the lavas, vintage movie posters, etc. 

any way to see some photos of the setup?  it sounds really cool.

I shall watch closely and will vouch for Jim's packing abilities, they could withstand a bombing and the globe inside would still be mint. Wish I still had the picture of the 4 signs on the sides

Wow, that is awesome. Maybe you guys should have a lava lamp basement party!  It would be awesome to see them all going at once!

LotsofLava - I have enough of my own lamps to blow fuses in my house.  Plugging in Patrick's as well may take out the entire Chicago electrical grid.

I should start having a better idea on what Patrick is making available this weekend.  Trying to make it to his place on Saturday, but I have a date with a Firkin burger and several beers that evening.  Critter will understand why that takes precedence.  Critter wish they had Firkin in Texas.

If not Saturday, Sunday for sure.

I would Frickin love to have a Firkin Burger. So jealous!

Ok, yea, so Patrick has a seriously massive amount of lamps.  I had obviously seen the display lamps in his apartment.  What I saw in the basement made my jaw drop.  YES... that's 18 Grande bases. 

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