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I was contacted by a great friend today, who shared the distressing news that some "scumbag yuppies" had bought his building and he was being kicked out of his longtime apartment (Chicago).  As a result, he will need to unload a significant number of lamps, parts, etc.  Exact amount of goodies TBD, but should have a better idea this weekend.

I have volunteered my basement as a storage option, so I sense the majority of the goods will be in possession.  I told him that me and my Tacoma are at his disposal all weekend.

This thread is meant as a placeholder and head's up.  Start licking your chops and fine tuning your wishlists.

To keep things real... I am not a thrift shop.  Don't expect $5 Centuries and $20 Giants.  My friend (and fellow Oozing Gooer) is a connoisseur of fine motion lamps and I will be looking out for him.  Those who have transacted with me should know how I operate though.  Admittedly a little slow to get items shipped, but fully transparent in conducting transactions and borderline psycho in terms of packaging lamps.

I will not alloow him to sell everything as he has a collection that I bow down to.  To wet your appetite, he does have a handful of Colossi (yes, as in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).  Numerous Goo Kit customs, double-digit Grandes/Giants, etc.

The official sales thread is actually a sales album, and can be located here:  Black German Shepherd Sale

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Wow....haven't been on here lately and I see I missed some big doins....so sorry about your friend..I wish him luck and hope everything works out ok. 

I would also be interested in the empty colossus globe if it becomes available...and maybe one of the others, or some grandes. 

I am way behind on posting new lamps that I have picked up from Patrick.  I hope to catch up this weekend.  Patrick does have a number of lamps, especially the Grandes, where he wants to run them and choose the best example of each color to retain with his collection.  He does have a factory clear/purple Grande that I have yet to unbox, but will this weekend.  That one is likely not for sale unless you are willing to REALLY step up.

Patrick got diarrhea of the mouth, talking up his plans for his armada of Colossus lamps, all while I was tethering down the last batch of lamps.  In one ear and right out the other.  Sounded more like a brain storming session to me and I implored him to think it out.  He may struggle to re-acquire a Colossus so really needs to sleep on it.  I plan to see him again tomorrow and I should have clarification on the Colossus lamps. 

Forgot to add that some of the latest batch from last weekend are US lamps in box.  I know I saw a pink/white Aristocrat, a blue Elek-Trick and at least two others.  Have early dismissal from work today, but that doesn't always apply to us IT folks.  Wait a second, my boss is on vacation and is located in Bulgaria.  I will be leaving the office early and will start snapping photos.  My buddy Josh Langley will be considered first as I owe him pics of a couple of Vandor lamps from my own collection.

any news on colossus lamps

No word on the Colossus lamps yet, but indications are that he may have multiple ones to sell.  Not sure I can transport more that one in my pickup, so he may need to drive them up. 

I should finally make some headway on shipping soon.  Life has gotten in the way and I had to take care of some personal business (lots of it).  I have a couple of Coca Cola lamps pre-packed and ready to go for Josh - just need a larger box to hold both lamps.  The Fluidium will be a piece of cake.  Erin's glitter lamp should be a breeze.  G.T. - will need a refrigerator/freezer box.  Critter can wait - I like to make him wait.  Gives me an excuse to call him and talk like a filthy pig. 

Yep....he does call me and talks quite nasty! Yep, he sure does.

Jim, just let me know what you are ready to roll on getting ride of the goo kit bunch or bunches.......that's if they are still available....

I'm interested in the Santa Icon (lot #22).  Is there an asking price for it?  What about a #27 globe, is one available with it?

Are there any other icons for sale?

Kevin - there is no globe with the Santa Icon, just the base and cap.  I would provide one from my own personal collection, but I learned that my one extra spare doesn't flow too well (sorry Blind Faith ).

I am pretty sure this is his only Icon.  He was close to pulling the trigger on the Sharks Icon, but he deferred to me as he knew I had a large collection of Icons.  Sharks just happened to be one Icon he liked quite a bit.


So I was thinking I could make some real progress while my wife was away for three weeks.  The only progress I made was pouring 24 bottles of Spotted Cow down my throat.  Oh, that and completing a course in Professional Ethics so I could retain my PMP credential.  I forgot what its like having a new puppy in the house.  Its a full time job and I don't think I had more then a two hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep while she was away.

Good news - my wife came home on Saturday.  She already told me she made more room in the basement for Patrick's lamps.  I plan to leverage her assistance - not so much to pack, but to gather supplies, drop at USPS (UPS/Fedex for those who made a special request), etc.

One late addition....

Patrick will actually be coming north to see me this week.  He will be placing two Colossus lamps in my basement on Thursday.  More details to come.

I would love to have a Colossus, but I need to buy a new

snow blower $750-$1000  :-(

No #27 globe is not a deal breaker on the Santa Icon.    Have you and Patrick worked out a price for the jolly elf, sans globe?

In regards to the Colossi, do any of them have a coffee table kit you'd be willing to sell separately?

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