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Any lamp is fair game now, not just the beatles and harley lamps. This thread has grown far beyond my expectations! 0.0

I really dont understand why these are always listed for ridiculous amounts. I see them all the time for $100 buy it now. I have a harley lamp and I want to sell it because I dont like it. Someone locally tried to sell me a beatles lamp for $100. Are these people nuts? Why do they all seem to list them for stupidly high prices?

Anyways I thought it would be fun to see who can find the most over priced harley davidson or beatles submarine lamp.

I am setting the bar really high.


$274.99 Buy it now.

$26.99 Shipping.

$301.98 Total

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That's still ridiculous even with the other items thrown in, they even put a BIN option on it that's the 'joker'. 

Yea if you do a pickup on it Jim you got yourself a bargain. 

Fair enough, I was just looking at the current price.  It is a beautiful lamp.

Jim said:

Going to have the respectfully disagree with you on this one.  Please keep in mind that this thread is about lamps that are over priced (i.e. the seller is smoking crack by asking for what they are asking).  The bidding on this one started at $50, thus the initial starting asking price was set there.  It has risen to $255 due to high demand for a very rare, very desirable lamp.  This lamp will continue to rise in price and for good reason.  This is a "bucket list" lamp for many collectors.

While this may be "over valued", that is really a subjective measurement. 

Rich C said:

Item picture
1 of 6 images

3d 12h left
Tuesday, 05:00PM


17 bids

+ $30.00


LOL Jim!!! I'll go halfsies with you on that one. 

Gotta have the Hello Kitty tote. Off to place my bid...

Jim said:

I am so, so tempted on this one as I could likely do local pickup and save $280.

To be fair, this is a "bundle" deal with some other amazing wonders tossed in...

1. Glitter Lamp
2. Blue Rope Light
3. Hello Kitty Tote Bag
4. Large, 40" x 30" acrylic on 1" framed canvas painting
5. Ceramic Statue of "Rebecca", and....
6. Wall Sticker of Heath Ledger as The Joker from Batman.

LOL @ Ben. I'd love to see a video of you and Jim fighting over that. 

Hey, I want the Hello Kitty tote bag..........LOL

Erin said:

LOL Jim!!! I'll go halfsies with you on that one. 

Good one, Loren!!   I don't think that one will sell.........  ;-))
Loren said:

Nutters - there isent a picture of the lamp, its funny that there's a 'make offer' option - is asking $20 too steep.

Tempted to offer $5 on principle, but afraid the seller would accept the offer.  Sheesh... 

Loren said:

The $199 Consort sold at the last second for $199.  Seems highish but it does have a box and all tags.  The black squiggle stayed at $255 and sold there.  It is a nice looking lamp but kind of cloudy.

That was a pretty nice consort but the lid was heavily scratched you would have to want the box pretty badly to pay $199 for it. A sixties to seventies 52 oz bottle like the squiggle has may clear with cycling but if it did not it is so easy to refill one of those and keep the original wax that it is a non-issue to whomever has one in a similar state.

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