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Does anyone know if I can get a decal for a Fantasia Cosmic Windows?  Does the guy that makes the color wheels for the fiber optic lamps make them?

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I don't think so, but it couldn't hurt to ask. I have some color films that I've tried to use with the bottom of a globe, but they weren't rich enough to make much of a difference. 

It's an amazing lamp nonetheless.  Just would love to have the whole effect.  Got it on here.  I have always wanted one. Thrilled with it. Will do a photo soon. 

I've always wanted one, too. Good luck with your search... you could also try stained glass paint. Available at craft stores. 

Stained glass paint works, but it's difficult, almost impossible, to remove. What you want are "gels," which are used to color spotlights in theatre. Here's how I'd go about it:

The Cosmic Window came with an assortment of color decals. There were several single-color ones, and one with, not the standard RGBY, but EIGHT colors, arranged like pie wedges! They were, in order: clear, red, purple, pink, turquoise, gold, emerald, blue. If you don't want the brightness of clear, you could sub orange. Multicolors are amazing in fast glitters with big pieces; you see little flashes of every color at random, all over.

Find a theatrical supply shop and tell them you want single sheets of gels, and you can ask them to recommend good, solid examples of each color, since gels come in hundreds of shades. I recommend pie wedges if you have more than four, and I also recommend wider wedges of dark colors and narrower ones of lights like orange, yellow, and clear if you use it. Fantasia used equal sizes of each color.

I would buy some clear gels, thicker ones if they have them. Map out your colors, cut them out of the sheets, and adhere them to the clear gel with a tiny dot of super glue. Lay another clear gel on top, again with a dot on each bit of color, then trim to the size of the bottle. Add a ring of dots of glue and stick to the bottom of the globe.

A more heatproof adhesive shouldn't be too necessary; in solvent-based glitters, I never, ever advise over 15 watts, no matter what the instructions say. It's a safer move.

Jonas - I've been wondering how to do this.  You continue to amaze me with your knowledge.  Thanks so much!

Glad to help. Lava's color stickers were printed and adhesive but were the texture and weight of theatrical gel.

They sure will. I suggest finding a local theatrical supply shop only because it gives you the chance to get help picking out just the right colors. But a variety pack bought online is fine, too, though it won't include clear (actually, there's usually no purpose for clear, but a shop will stock some extremely pale colors that are a hair away from transparent, which are used to give white light a warm or cold tone).

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