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Hello everyone

Yesterday I was browsing my local vintage emporium store when I found a boxed Crestworth Astro Mini for £20. I instantly picked it up and inspected it and found it to not have the original bottle but a Mathmos Glitterbaby bottle (Which I am now using in my Mathmos Neo). I also found inside the box a late Crestworth brochure / poster which I hope to get framed at some point. As I was walking around with the box I realized something wasn't quite as as expected so I inspected further and found out it was a box designed for a Astro slimline. On most sides of the box the slimline name was sticker-ed over and mini put in its place written by hand in red pen. Not only that the shape of the lamp illustrated was much slimmer in shape and then I realized it was the shape of the Astro Illumination featured on this website by CrestworthLimited.

I have posted pictures of the box in the replies section for everyone to see. Ive searched for the 'Astro Slimline' everywhere and I couldn't find any information on it and I couldn't find any other boxes like this one. Has anyone else ever seen a box like this?

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So this puts this model between the Crestworth Astro mini and the Mathmos Astrobaby...

The bottle seems to suggest this model is between the Astro Mini and the Astobaby.... the Astro Mini bottle has got a more slender lower part...

The bottle seems to suggest this model is between the AstroMini and the AstroBaby....

The older bottle has got a slender lower part... the newer is more rounded....

The slender metal base is of the never-in-production prototype Crestworth Astro Illumination. Looks like it would have been called the Slimline but production was pulled. Would have been sold concurrently with the standard Crestworth Astro Mini of the era, the model before the rare Crestworth Comet (slimmer base like Astro Baby not flared like Astro) and today's Astro Baby.

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