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Would any of you be interested in purchasing spare colourwheels?

i'm talking about new ones made up, not original ones.

Someone I have spoken to asked if there would be a demand if they were to make some. (dont worry, it wouldnt be me making them!)

Personally i would very much like some especially if they incorporated nice stuff like swirl-stripes to give a different look and also additional colours.

also, mine has a crack which concerns me greatly everytime it has to be opened to change the motor etc.

I dont know but presume these wheels will work in some other Crestworth fibre optics? i'm sure grant can help me out with that one.

Also not sure if they are the same as used in the Jupiter2?


thanks guys :)

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I'd like a colour wheel that would produce constant waves and sways of colour insead of single static block colours......now that would be cool.....lol

yeah like if they were formed like a swirl into the colour, that would be very cool :)

.....and stage 2 of the Galaxy upgrade could be to replace the halogen light bulb with a high intensity laser beam.


Can you imagine a darkened room and thousands of dark blue beams of light shooting out of your Galaxy from every angle.


WOOOOW !!!!  :)


laser beam lol. you can wave goodbye to your lovely lamp and say hello to a blob of melted perspex and glass haha

Whats a Galaxy...lol

 you lucky b.....s you.

love on ya :)

I would stick with the halogen lamp and not try and get a laser on to it - laser's produce 1 intense beam (more if it cloured) of light which is split using a series of fast moving small mirrors. - Putting a laser in front of a cloure wheel or pattern disk of some kind will only produce a strobe effect with the laser.

You could still use the laser and other lights for other effects but would need a smoke or haze machine to create the best beam effect.

If you did go down the high intensity laser beam then that another lighting world of health and safety and laser control - all very fun :) but would mean a lot more kit and stuff.


I reccon the smoke would be self generating from the melting perspex.....ha-ha-ha-ha !
TBH tim i think pete was just joking haha lol
and on you too Pete my lad ;)

Aladdin 2 Lava said:

Whats a Galaxy...lol

 you luck b.....s you.

love on ya :)

Guys.......stop it......i'm rolling round the floor in fits of laughter........
seams like the joke is on me wile you guys are laughing LOL

......Stage 3 of the upgrade.....a built in self igniting dual action fire extinguisher which puts out the fire while providing that all important smoke haze and a juke box playing starry starry night by Don McLean.


That's it i've died laughing !

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