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I recently found a crestworth lava lamp at an estate sale.

It had some minor damage to its top, and the gel was not "melting" like it was supposed to.

The only two options I had we're:
1 resell it and hope that the cap damage caused the pressure issue.


2 emptying it and replacing the goo.

The glass is 1/16' thick, so if I were to reveal it, the likely hood of me being able to open it again are slim to none.

Needless to say, I just opened the lid without issue.

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I'm having issue with the site, if someone posts an email, I will send them the pictures.
Anyway, I am currently emptying the contents.

After I know exactly how much substance the lamp holds, could anyone on here help me figure out exactly how much water and gel that I need to order?
I just measured it to be 5 gallons.

Save yourself a lot of time and grief Mike  http://www.mathmos.com/mathmos-lava-lamp-replacement-bottles-1811-0...

welcome to O.G.

Are you saying that I should just order a new one???

Whoops !!! Its a big un... and just realized your in the U.S... Princess/rocket ?

Good luck with it.

It is the original lava lamp from 1965, less than a dozen are known to exist.

Your very lucky, keep us posted.

Mike Davis said:

It is the original lava lamp from 1965, less than a dozen are known to exist.

Miles Davis, if it's an original, it won't be a five-gallon container. If it's a big cylindrical lamp which stands on three teak legs, you have what's often called, erroneously, a Princess, which was made later, but is indeed quite rare. 1965 models are conical and stand about 17" tall or so.

Jonas, what is your email?

I can't post pictures here

Might be an Imperial.  Princess has a 6 gallon cylinder Imperial is about 5 though.  

Jonas.  By the way.  The Princess (Rocket really) has a teak color to the legs but in reality it is oak.  Imperial has walnut legs.

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