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I know there is other topics about Crestworth rare small differences, but I would like to make one center topic about all the rare variants of Crestworth Lamps and parts.

so if you have a unique Crestworth lamp or part, please post here.

To start this topic, I would like to show you a very unusual cap.

First the bottle cap is not the usual T shape bakelite one, but a thiner flexible plastic one (a little curved). I've got 2 of them, one with regular top cap, and one with this one:

As you can see, there is a hole in the middle, and the top is not flat.

Very interesting!

This is the first time I see a cap like this (but maybe someone knows more about it.).

One more pic:


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Here is another Special by Crestworth:

When I bought this lamp, I thought it was a Telstar fitted with a Living Jewel Bottle and a Nordic cap.

I believe it left like this from factory..

But now, I know it is not a normal Telstar:

As you can see, my base is shorter than a Telstar, and the shape is not the same as the bottom is larger than a Telstar:

The underside have a green felt.

Under it, this is exactly the same as this picture from a Comet (except no sticker on mine):

Some says it may be a Rocket base, but I think it may be a special export base.

I just found another one, exactly like the first one. 

Both have a stock French plug.

That's let me to believe it is an export lamp, like the Cosmos.

Anyway, I never saw this base except the two I've got, so I guess it's really rare.

If you can help me to put a name on this I'll be glad, and any info is welcome.


 The one with the hole in the top I think was for a lamp top. I know a member here had an old Crestworth that had a lamp socket and shade on top from the factory.

OK, I have a confirmation the Rocket base is taller than mine.

So if it's not a Telstar, not a Rocket, the question is: what is it?

A Mark 1 Table lamp perhaps? converted back into standard lava/glitter lamp. Rare.

Do you have a link/picture about this Mark 1 Table lamp?


I've got 3 of them now!

But I still don't know anything about this model (name etc...)

Anyone knows about these "Telstar Export"?

A Crestworth Astro crossover, it has a one piece base the same as the Mk5 but as you can see its taller than the standard Mk5, it has the two rings around the top of the base as found on the Mk3 and Mk4, it has the standard Mk5 base plate but is wired with the earlier push button switch from the Mk3 or Mk4.

Astralav said:

Do you have a link/picture about this Mark 1 Table lamp?

Here is a photo of my Crestworth Mk 1 Table Lamp
CrestworthLimited said:

Astralav said:

Do you have a link/picture about this Mark 1 Table lamp?

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