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I've just spotted an early Crestworth traction engine on Ebay, it has the metal traction engine not plastic.
If it was a UK seller, I'd probably snap it up but the seller's in USA and I'd rather not risk it getting damaged in transit or pay the $150 postage and the possibility of getting stung with import tax.
Hopefully one of you lovely GooHeads would like it for your collection?


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Making offer

Love the lamp

thank you

Wicked! Hope you get it Claude.

SOLD for $175

BTY Gooheads, i am also a garden railroad fanatic

this covers both hobbies

If you want to see my work, PM me and I will send dropbox link

Tribble, thank you for the head-up on this one

No problem Claude, glad to be of help. Always nice to see a rarity going to a loving collector.
Can you upload some nice pictures of it when it arrives please, the Ebay ones didn't really do it justice imho.
Never seen anything like it. A rarity for sure! Groovy

will do

Due to the moving coming soon, the onlyh thing displayed are metallics and mathmos

They're very rare Christian, if you've not seen one before, here's a youtube video of a Mk1 and Mk2 in action.


it arrived today packed well enough to go international

It is in better shape than the pictures showed

Brass/copper is highly polished

Beautiful lamp!

thanks again tribble

Anytime Claude, glad it arrived there safely and that you're happy with it.
Any chance in some pictures please?
Thats pretty cool, think I'll stick to lava glitter however :-)

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