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I am looking for information on the Jupiter 2. It seems there isn't much (information) available.

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Hi. The Mathmos Jupiter 2 (there was no Jupiter 1) came out in the mid-90's and, I guess was the spiritual successor to the Crestworth Galaxy (in my opinion) as it was a high end market, domed fibre optic lamp. They are quite sought after at the moment and examples can easily reach three figure sums, say 200 pounds UK. I don't think production lasted long as there aren't many of these about, in fact you see al lot more crestworth galaxys and they were from 20 years earlier. There's a Jupiter 2 on German Ebay at the moment.

Hey Jin

Check out my Friend Antony's website www.flowoflava.com for some fab pictures and info on the Jupiter 2. Look under Mathmos in the mid 90's
Thanks J, for your help
My very lucky lava loving friend Paul has one of these beauties. I will take some pics of this and some of his ultra rare Crestworth Snowflake fibre optic lamp too. I'm slightly jealous.

picked one up this morning :)

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