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I can not get my mediteranean to work.  I have done about 7 refills, all different wax.  The goo either doesn't connect to the coil (2x this happned with similar wax) or it sticks to the sides and won't flow AT ALL.  I'm dumbfounded.  I've wasted so much time on this.  I'm deteremined to get this flowing, it's such an unusual lamp! 

I'm thinking about taking the contents out-again, and letting bleach sit in it for a few hours.  I've tried a very potent cleaner that I let sit in it overnight.  I'm worried what bleach might do to the coil-there is no way I want to try to get the coil out of such a small opening unless absolutely necessary.  There has got to be something wrong with the glass on the inside.  Anyone have any ideas?  Or any idea why this is happening.  I'm thinking I need to perform an exorcism on it.  geez.

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helllo can you please tell me what exactly is RO water?
thank you
Your Lamps look amazing! do You offer a service for this?
If not I will attempt to reburbish my Mediterranean but will first have to find a donor on ebay with the same color/scheme.
Not sure if modern china lava wax will work as good as pre china lava wax formula.
For now I think I should dump the liquid for it is yellow/cloudy and simply take the lava/liquid from the doner and just swap it out
This is what my Mediterranean looks like now I think it needs to be refurbished The wax stays on top and some wax coats the sides of the glass hardly and wax flow at all.
Your lamp looks amazing! Would you consider taking on the job in refurbishing my lamp? I would paypal you all expenses.
I don't think you are talking to me-but, if you are, I would love to refurbish your lamp. There's nothing I like more than working on these wonderful old lamps! My pics are on my profile of the lamps I've redone. I redo all my lamps.
Hi Jennifer if you are willing to take on the job That would be wonderful. Do you have any examples of your work?
also what would you charge to have mine refurbished? and would I only need to send the globe and top only? or would you need the whole lamp?
I'm sorry-my email did not alert me that you replied! I'd love to work on your lamp. Let me add some pics tonight when I get home so you can see what I've done. On my profile page, take a look at the 2 pics of my mediterranean. The first pic did not capture that great of a flow, but it does flow nicely and is crystal clear-it is a total transplant. The other pic of the mediterranean is of the orginal wax. I got it flowing but the wax was just too old and fried to keep it going so I ended up redoing it totally which is what might have to be done with yours. I have red wax that I could put in yours if your wax is too far gone.
If you pay shipping both ways and let's say I would charge no more than $20 for my time and materials-I would have you wait to pay until I was finished because it might be too simple to even charge you, but then again, I might be adding my own wax. You have my word that it would be $20 at the most. I would take no more than a week, probably only 3 days and you could just ship the globe since I can work with my own Mediterranean base.
Think about it and I'll get some pics sent to you tonight. Like I said, I've refurbished all 7 of my vintage lamps and countless cheapo lamps. I adore these lamps and take great care in restoring them!
Hello Jennifer here are the two photos of the GE 25 Watt light bulb that is currently in the mediterranean.
Thank you
Great, exactly what it should be!
This is the lava from 1997 that I was going use to replace the wax and liquid from the Mediteranean that was not flowing correctly.
I liked this lamp because the wax has a nice red color tone to it and the liquid is nice and clear and is the retro formula.
I think your Mediterranean wax is darker and hopefully even thicker than this! What kind of base is that?
Yes you are correct this wax seems lighter in color .the base is all white and looks like its made of tin

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