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I've been contemplating this for a while, but i still dont know what to put in my decorator tray. i was thinking a mix between plastic flowers or shrubbery, and berries or some sort? anyone have any ideas? 


also, im still looking for a 52oz screw cap bottle, it can be empty. and a squiggle crew cap :P

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The Decorator was not provided with flowers, unlike the Enchantress models. A catalog aimed at retailers suggested it be purchased by florist shops which could decorate them with plastic plants; a catalog aimed at consumers suggested the "enterprising homemaker" could "change the plantings to suit any occasion."


I have two of these. For one, I hunted thrift stores 'til I found a ring of plastic greenery and yellow, orange and red daisies. For the other, I hit a craft store with a large selection of fake plants and flowers, and bought numerous bunches of rubber grapes on plastic stems.


Another idea I used once in an Enchantress was a tiny string of 15 multicolored miniature Christmas lights; I then filled the tray with heaps of broken-up auto safety glass. That looked very pretty. In a Decorator, having such a deep tray, I'd fill the bottom with a thick foam floral arrangement ring (craft stores sell these), put the lights and glass on top, to keep weight low; these rings can also be used to decorate with fake silk or plastic flowers.


One person I know uses his for keys, spare change and random pocket contents.

lol, thanks jonas :) so far mines been used for change, but i want something prettier haha. the lights and glass sounds like it would be neat

I always wanted to get a Decorator.  Missed few auctions on ebay over the years. 

although I was quite liking the candy idea... how hot exactly does the decorator ring actually get? I have a few sets of those vintage plastic grapes if interested..maybe a some plastic vine type leaves and grapes... Food of the Gods...lol


You wouldn't want to put anything easily melted into the ring, like candy... Plastic flowers are fine. I'd try clear glass pebbles or marbles with a string of mini multi-color Christmas lights underneath.
ohh.. the lights and the marbles/colored glass do sound interesting.. great visual effects.

Chocolate dip!!!!  The heat would keep it melted.


This should be the next contest....."What to fill a decorator with"

where is Diin ? All this fun he started and doesn't even know it

Sir Factant does have a fun contest idea..

LOL I'm still kickin around. ive been pretty busy as of late..

I like the idea of chocolate :) vintage lava fondue :)

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