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I've been contemplating this for a while, but i still dont know what to put in my decorator tray. i was thinking a mix between plastic flowers or shrubbery, and berries or some sort? anyone have any ideas? 


also, im still looking for a 52oz screw cap bottle, it can be empty. and a squiggle crew cap :P

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No, not trying to rationalize it to you, just putting my thoughts out there and enjoying the feedback.  I appreciate it.  I am new to this site and it is fun.  I don't feel so bad now knowing others have spent a mint on some stuff too.  I think the Decorator might be fun, we'll see how it goes.  I passed on this one a few times already and just decided to do it.  Plus the squiggle is cool.  Have you seen all the cool Carlises listed right now?  I already have one in the red/yellow so I don't need them.  But there's four of them out there right now.  By red/white, do you mean white lava/red liquid?  Any particular model?

The Carlisle is my favorite lamp. Simple, but I really like it. 

Welcome! We're glad you're here. I love this site, too. Been here for two years. 

Yes, red liquid, white lava. They came in 32oz and 52oz. globes in the late 90s. They are very rare, but red is my fave color so I'm kinda partial to them. :) They came with (on) Silver Streaks, Aristocrats, Midnights, Elek-Tricks and Pyschedelic Swirl bases. 

Yeah, I love my Carlise too!  It has a lava flow unique to it.  The red/white is cool, I agree.  Nice fiber optic too, by the way.  I would probably go for another Carlise in a different color. 

Here's my two:

Nice!  The one on the left is the one that I have.  LOVE the color on the right, is that Champagne Mist?

Nope, it's a faded blue/green. I have re-colored it back blue with some McCormick's food dye. 

Thanks! The one on the left is my "birthday" lamp - same month and year as when I was born. :)

Both of these lamps are near perfect. I'm very happy to have them. 

I have the write-up finished! http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/lava-soup-replacing-the-liquid I will add to it as I find more info...

Derek Hyde said:

I will be looking forward to your write up as I think it may help me.

Ha, you're funny. Not as funny as me, but funny. :P

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