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Hey there, all!

I want to know the answers to these question:

1. My lava lamp has slightly chunky wax (~5 chunks)

2. It has moderate amounts of bubbles.

So, I used a dimmer. It reduced the amount of 1 and 2 by a bit. And then, after I'm done with the buisness, should i continue using the dimmer?

If you need any pics, i'll attach.

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Frankly I've fixed the same problem by simply letting the lamp run for longer than advised (about 12) hours. Once the lamp reaches the overheated phase (the wax has flowed to the top and doesn't really come down) the chunkiness starts to resolve. That being said, leaving it this way for too long carries the risk of ruining the wax entirely.

The only way to quickly resolve this is to uncap it and pour out the water as has been mentioned above. There is no need to heat it on the oven, the normal lamp base can heat the wax just fine by itself.

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