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So, I've seen everyone's pics of how they display a large number of lamps, but if you could do anything to showcase your lamps, what would it be?  My DH has set aside a full third of the basement to be the Lava Lounge.  He's setting aside 220 amp service for the area, so power will not be an issue.  He's willing (and able) to build whatever shelving I want.  I'm thinking that all of the Grandes should be together, Safari Series, Psychedelics, etc.  (There are only a few lamps that I don't have at least one of...)

So, what would you do if you could do anything at all?  Display with LED strip lighting to light the bases?  Individual "boxes" for each lamp?  -  We've already discussed having a trim piece that covers the electrical cords and power strips, but haven't really discussed any other details...

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Does anyone recommend any currently available shelving units?  Don’t care so much about the cost, but I’d like to see if I can find a retail source in the US for some cool looking shelves.  Maybe like these, but that are sized for lamps:

The shelves/cubbyholes should have backs, for optimum standout, in my experience.

(I prefer black but there are superb displays on here with white)

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