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I've been doing some experimenting with making my own lamps, and I'm interested to see the bases you've made.  And what kind of jars/bottles you've used.

I currently have just been using  a coffee can, but would like to make something nicer.


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I have used practically any metal container that will hold a socket

One  DIY glass head lava  lamp, I found a inverted metal cookie jar tin to work well with some modifications

I also have a bunch of these for sale on eBay


Make me an offer, I'll pull some aside and sell direct

I like that idea with the cookie jar!  Do you happen to have any other pics?

I'll keep the offer in mind for the other bases, though I'm hoping to create my own.

This morning I was thinking of a sort of box in box setup, where the outside is some kind of wooden box, with a can or something inside to help protect the wood from the heat of the bulb.

Stay away from wood.

Here are cookie jars

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