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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Louie's right hand man and Director of Operations for Magma Tower (our commercial lamp company). I see that a lot of you have questions for Louie and he is not readily available and Michelle is very busy with her company RSG and sometimes doesn't have the time for our Goo Kits. So I am going to try to make myself regularly available for all of your questions. I am very excited about being introduced to this site and meeting all of you that share my passion for these mesmerizing lamps. Talk to you soon...


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The white lava looks like regular lava only white. Sometimes its more of an eggshell white. I will post some pics as soon as I can... We can make teal. The problem with custom colors is that everyone has a different idea of what shade they want... We can make blue as rich as Bill Gates. Premixed coloring is extra though. The kit comes standard with the primary colors that you can mix to secondary... Lastly, the beauty of our goo is that you can control your flow. Some colors have different start up times but with a dimmer switch you can shorten start up times and really control your flow. Surfactant also affects your flow. The more surfactant the bubblier it is. Less equals more of a column affect. You do have to stay within boundaries with the surfactant though. Too much is just as bad as too little. It explains ratio in the instruction manual that comes with the kit.

13) Could you please post the instruction manual here.

According to woodvetch here:
you offer 3 different kinds of goo.
"As for the "regular" or denser wax I dunno comma but you cannot go wrong with Louie's basic goo, I've over the moon about it as you can tell! ahahahaha. Along with the denser goo Louie also has a "stringier"
goo that I have also ordered but not tested yet."

14) Could you please explain the difference between the 3 different kinds of goo.
15) Are they intended for different sizes of lamps?

Please post pictures of the blacklight orange, green and blue goo when possible.

Sounds good. I am either going to go for a Teal or a Cobalt blue color. Now my last question, what about this "denser" wax. Is it available? I like thicker wax and I am thinking this might be the wax for me?
13) I cannot post the instruction manual. It is Magma Tower Corp. property and is part of what you buy with the kit. If I (or anyone else) posts the manual it will infringe on copyright laws.

14) There is only one type of goo that we offer to the public. It is the goo that comes in our goo kits and it is specifically designed for smaller lamps. The other goo is what we use for our large lamps and it is not for sale.

I will post pics asap.
Hi John Welcome to oozinggoo.Can you use the wax that is pre exsisting with your liquid and can your liquid be colored? Thank You And Again Welcome Nancy
Thanks for the warm welcome. Oozinggoo is an awesome site. So, the liquid we use with our wax is distilled water. You can pick that up at any grocery store. The key ingredient that we mix into the distilled water is our specially formulated surfactant. This combination is key for crystal clear fluid when used with our wax. We have not used this combination with stock wax because stock wax is highly inferior to ours and it would generally defeat the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish. You can purchase our specially formulated surfactant at www.gookits.com

I can tell you that when using our wax and water combination you can color the distilled water with a water based dye. It must be fully water based otherwise it will mix into the oil based wax and ruin the lamp.

Here is a pic of the black light orange.

Thank you Jonny . Once we get moved into The new house, I am going for your kit. Nancy
yes it will, I have mine going now!
I don't right now, my son took my camera camping, if it comes back in one piece I will get some for you! It looks much better than the cloudy stuff that came with it, and since the grande was a gift it was very economical!!
Thanks for the pics and the video. It looks really good.
Please keep us posted when you have pics/videos available with blacklight blue, green and white.

16) How is your UV-tube mounted on the wall?
Thanks, I have a couple more videos I will release soon. Start up times vary so much I wouldn't be able to give you an accurate estimate. It all depends on start up water temp, environmental temp and how new the goo is. We do not do glitter. Not to say we won't in the future but right now we are strictly magma.


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