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Hi all,

I have 3 older Midnight 8403 blue/white lamps.  Two of them have faded badly with the wax taking on a reddish hue.  Both of these two pretty much need to be totally redone.

Does anyone offer restoration services? I've read the formulas and such, but honestly I don't have the time and would rather entrust this to someone who has experience.


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THe shipping alone would be the most costly part . Are these 52's  or 32's ?

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for the message. These 8403s are 32's. The first two are original to me. I purchased them in 1996. The last one, I purchased about a year ago.

Pix of them:

Most faded and in bad shape color and wax-ise. Can't even tell it was blue/white originally.


Second one in moderate fade with poor wax.


My lone 8403 looking like it should!



Have you tried just putting in a few drops of food coloring in one, that will restoe the blue and greatly tune out the yellow/orange since a blue and white lamp never had truly white white wax in it, it was slightly yellow even when brand new.

Hi Gwen,

I've not opened the globes up. Since they have that crimp cap that are similar to the old 16 oz. soda bottles. I'm honestly worried about destroying the cap and making it hard to re-seal.  The 52 ounce globes that have the twist top seem so much more user friendly!

Plus, I'd like the faded ones to be re-waxed to match the 8403 that has good color (soft yellow wax). If it was just a case of recoloring, I might try it, but re-waxing, that's a whole different level and beyond my ability!



Life got in the way and I lost track of getting this done. I am still interested in getting my 32's rewaxed and colored. Anyone interested in taking this on?


This is MY opinion only and I have to be honest.  I have done a lot of restoring of lamps using the Magma Tower goo kits over the past 2 years since joining OG.  With that being said, they are not without their issues down the road.  I've had a few that have never had any problems.  The others well, let's just say it varies from having to constantly redo the fluid due to it clouding up, to wax starting to stick on the sides of the globe to changes in flow, overheating and having to dial in the right temp using a dimmer, etc.  So you see, I wouldn't want to redo a lamp for someone and especially someone that is putting money out when there are probably going to be potential problems with said lamp down the road, especially if you plan on running it a lot. 


I honestly don't mind these problems because they are my creations and I know my lamps.  I know exactly how to fix them and it is a nice hobby for me.  But you can see why it is not a one and done deal sometimes with the whole restoration thing.  Other then the MT goo, I have not yet heard of anyone that made their own goo that stood the test of time either.

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