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Sadly I was moving stuff around in my room and I STUPIDLY picked up my 52oz blue/yellow lava lamp by the base and then the dam thing fell out... Thankfully it was cold and it was american so it just got a bit bubbly but its fine. I noticed the bottle cap is loose. It is able to freely rotate (not easially) but it cant come off. I am planning on crimping the cap with pliers but one question. Does the lava lamp need to be hot/cold to do this? I know the pressures in the lamp are different when it's on and off. So, at what temp should I crimp the cap? or does it matter? (i realy dont want my lamp to explode all over my desk.....)
Thanks Everyone

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Crimping should always be done COLD. I would try to find a capper to seal it up proper. What you are going to wind up doing is apply pressure to one area and it's going to make the opposite sides expand out. That's why a capper is recommended. It will apply equal pressure all around at the same time. This will give you a permanent seal.
ok, so I held the lamp upside down and it stayed dry. So there isnt any risk just turning it on and pretending the cap didnt come loose?
No leak - your fine. :)
Its fine now, I let it run over night. Its like new again.
Thanks Everyone



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