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Ebay Score! Original Lava Lite Squiggle Aristocrat Champagne Mist New In Box!

Just wanted to share this epic Ebay score! Purchased as non-functional from Ebay for a great price knowing it needed it's fluid and possibly wax restored. It's a Lava Lite Squiggle Aristorcat in Champage Mist with original box and the base/cap are perfect. When it arrived it wouldn't turn on at all, when I went through the electrical components in base I found the reason why it was non-functional...wires were attached in base! A quick strip of the wires and attaching them correctly and the lamp fired right up!

Knew the fluid was clouded and would need to be restored but when I dumped it the wax looked smooth and pristine! I don't believe this lamp was ever used due to the issues with the electrical connections. Swapped out the old fluid for distilled water and tinkered with some surf from Magma Tower. Lamp runs like a DREAM and looks beautiful! Stoked for my first squiggle ever as I primarily collect Centuries and CoachLights 

What does everyone think??

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