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Does anyone know how many ounces it is? I want to try to do a Goo Kit. I've talked to Dr. What and he suggested to mark my wax & just fill it that way, but I need to know if I need to but a Grande Kit or a 52 oz. kit. Has anyone tried a refill? I'm also concerned about the cap, since it seems to be heat shrunk on.

The pic below is from a few years ago, when she still ran beautiful big blobs, on a recommended 60 watt bulb. Now I get pea sized bits & that's on a 45 watt bulb!

Thanks for any replies I get on this, I've been intending to do a few Kits & just haven't had the cash to begin.

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I have two, and am not sure about the ounces, but some simple math could get you the answer. just get the volume in cubic centimeters, then convert to ounces.

For some reason 150 ounces comes to mind.  Don't quote me on that. 

If it is doing the little water filled blobs, a smaller second coil may be all that is needed. You could try that if you have anything like that on hand. If you go with a gookit, then I agree with Jim. 

I would just mesure the amount of water in the globe allready that would tell you how much to add

As Dr what said mesure where the was was then fill to there.

Vix, I would just get the quart of goo. I think Jim is about right on the size. I dont remember how much we used when we redid his.As for adding the water and surf. Find something that will measure your current excal fluid and then you can figure out from there how much surf to use.

ok so im going to calculate how many ounces my Excalibur is. The base is 4.25 inches across. half of that would be 2.125. 2.125 squared is 4.515625 inches. Now multiply by pi is 14.1790625 inches. That is the area of the circle on the bottom. Here is where the problem is, toward the top the glass curves in. I am just going to guess on this for sake of time by ignoring it, because were the water cuts of is only a little above where the glass begins to curve. 13 inches tall. now multiply by 14.1790625 and i got 184.3278125 inches^3. This is the volume in inches cubed which can be converted to ounces online. According to Google this is 102.13835497835 ounces. my measuring may not have been perfect but it seems like these lamps will do fine with a mini goo-kit.


get a mini goo-kit

I refilled one with blue/white USA formula. I forget how many lamps it took... Would you be interested in buying the formula? The globe I have it in cracked so I can't run it anymore. I'd throw in the base and cap with it, but the globe can't be shipped so I will have to put it in some kind of container.

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