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Expecting my first Lava Lamp -- any tips for a LL virgin?

Hello everyone,

I found this forum after doing some research into lava lamps. I ordered a cool Mathmos Astro yesterday (blue/green) from a Dutch online webshop. I hope to have it in a day or two. This is my first lava lamp. It's going on my computer desk, in the darkest corner of my bedroom. Should look pretty sweet.

So, are there any special tips or precautions that I need to know about? I've heard about not moving it while hot, and that you shouldn't place it near sunlight. Any other hints are very welcome.

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Don't shake the thing!
Don't drink it if you get thirsty either.
Yeah, that high & warm squishy feeling only last for a few moments.
The wax is very binding when it cools down.
Oh Plus it sticks in your teeth!!!!!
Hi, you picked a very nice lamp for your first one, and it should look perfect where you're going to put it! These guys covered the top three - so enjoy it... And if you are like the rest of us, you'll have 100 of them in six months... LOL... :O
Thanks guys, I'll keep everything in mind :D


The Mathmos Astro comes highly recommended, so I'm anxious to see how it works out. I doubt I'll end up with 100... I already have several, far too expensive hobbies for that :-) I also collect watches, and have about 60 of those. Think lava's are expensive... my last watch purchase would've bought around 35 of those. Ouch.

>> doubt I'll end up with 100...
I received a lava lamp as a gift years ago, then did a lil searching online and saw how people collect them.
Ya know.. I thought the same thing, until a year or two later my collection encompassed lamps from all over even ones I thought I would never collect!

In the old forum, I noticed there were watch collectors there too. I wonder if there is a pattern?

Good luck with it all. Enjoy!
Okay, maybe not 100, HA!... :O

I also collect fossilized shark teeth and have a LOT of those & it's just like your watches, they are very expensive (the good ones of course) so lamps are a welcome collecting passion as they don't drain the wallet anywhere as bad... nice watch!!
I collect Music, Books, Crystals and Orgone.
Hi I'm Weebotech and I'm a collectaholic.
me too. i only have one large tooth but thousands of smaller teeth collected as a young boy in FL. but i beg to differ, lava does drain the wallet! LOL!

oh and i have a fossilized shark poo : )
MyFriendGoo>> oh and i have a fossilized shark poo : )

I suppose on the oozingpoo forum your name is MyFriendPoo
>> n the old forum, I noticed there were watch collectors there too. I wonder if there is a pattern?

Some people have quite the collecting gene :-)

I visit watch forums every day. And 90% of the watch fanatics collect at least one other thing. For most, that's either guns, knives or flashlights. We're all big on photography too. You'd be amazed how good some people are with a camera! I just dabble by comparison.

http://www.flickr.com/bjornkeizers ; in case anyone's interested.

I've yet to meet a watch collector who's actively collecting lava lamps -- but it sure wouldn't surprise me!
Oh Jeeze I have a corner like this in my bedroom, not counting two closets and lamps on my living room and kitchen floor (projects, transfusions, repairs).
I know the pain when you want to get to that lamp you stored away at the bottom in the back of the closet!!! LOL!!

Funny pic! Thanks for posting!

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