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Expecting my first Lava Lamp -- any tips for a LL virgin?

Hello everyone,

I found this forum after doing some research into lava lamps. I ordered a cool Mathmos Astro yesterday (blue/green) from a Dutch online webshop. I hope to have it in a day or two. This is my first lava lamp. It's going on my computer desk, in the darkest corner of my bedroom. Should look pretty sweet.

So, are there any special tips or precautions that I need to know about? I've heard about not moving it while hot, and that you shouldn't place it near sunlight. Any other hints are very welcome.

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We have lift-off! The Astro arrived 40 minutes ago. I've got it set up already, and the 'goo' has been warming for about 25 minutes now. All of a sudden, it erupted! Like a rocket shooting upwards. Way cool.

I'll let it run for a few hours. My camera is charging now, so I can probably shoot a little movie come dinner time.
It's the latest model Astro. Blue bottle with green wax. Can't stop staring at it; I can see why they were popular with the stoner / hippie crowd :-)
I've got a movie up on YouTube, showing the Mathmos Astro after about 90 minutes. So far, it's been running for 3 hours, 49 minutes. Doing great!

My advice is just to sit back, relax and go "Ahhhhhhhhhhh................"

Have fun with your Astro, they are such gorgeous lamps ;-)

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