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WAHAHA!! that would look FANTASTIC next to my 'Woolworth's even RARER orange juce Mathmos lava lamp'

I had to message them i'm afraid...was laughing so much!!. Just told them they were a little misguided is all but i'll either get a nasty reply or just ignored ;-)
YAY!! now i'll be RICH!! who will ever know!!!
Really stupid. But I think there are people who belive that. Dude! In Germany we would say: Die machen echt aus Scheiße Geld.
Yeah i buy that Baby! LOL @ Creambuns, nice one.
i am a Austin powers fan also
Yeah baby! hehe!
That reminds me, was just about to put this on e bay but thought I'd give you guys a heads up first

Serious bidders only please
wow that one is so rare Paul!!!!! how much do you want for it!!!
Count me in!!...there's gonna be some serious bidding on the cards for this rare beauty.

You guys are so funny i'm almost wetting myself...LOL!!
This is a Right laugh, Had a long Day at work and this has made me smile. Do count me in it's in my watched list lol
I would love to know where they 'sauced' their info on this lamp from!
I think in the world of lamp collecting, this seller is playing ketchup.

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