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Greetings everyone and yes I am still here..

I have put myself on a serious 3 -4 month embargo from lamps..

refraining from all sites that will lead me down the road of temptations is why Ill be ghost like until the lift. There of course will be exceptions or a deal that trumps the embargo..

Case in point my latest .. Omni..

out of frustration and impatience I didn't get photos of its arrival condition..I went to work on lamp for almost 5 1/2 hours. To start seller had packed it with what I will refer to as Rodent Bedding.. Spray was in a cardboard tube as I requested but when i pulled tube from box spray fell right out.. luckily into rodent bedding.. Base had come apart and disheveled amidst the 30 yr old foam like material that was ripped, shredded and from touch would crumble and break. as it was dry rotted.. so all this rat bedding had gone all into the base and a million mico particles all over it, in it and in spray. Bulk of the hours spent were on spray.

Sticky and grey/brownish yellow residue with so much lint, strands of human hair .. YUK... infested from its root to about three inches high into spray.. So much loss during clean up and debris removal I wanted to cry.. and the million of tiny glass splinters I left with. I ended up even having to trim the spray to give it balance..surprisingly looks great.

Lamp itself is MINT.. motor, base, wiring, even bottom felt.. 100% silent. Also loves to show off for the camera.
Pretty heavy and has an 8 colors wheel that rotates clockwise .. we named it The Watchtower

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I will make you an offer on the human hair if you saved it.

pretty sure some of the lint was moving.. may of been lice..lol

still could actually use another couple hours of particle removal.. but all the shedding slowly mortified me..

I am now going to build a lined box to hold all my sprays.. they are all lint and dust traps and the damage from spray loss due to cleaning over yrs to come would leave them bald someday. So I will only have them in base when running to preserve spray better..and also rig something to cover exposed spray hole (lol) from dust  ... nobody likes foreign objects in their hole..

Endless haunting images appear reflecting on the base .. different angles and camera setting applied also create other types of  these images.. We named it  The Watchtower because of its design and the first round of photos we got that ancient troll looking face image.. by the second photo shoot the anime warrior image.. and these are just a few.. but always in the forms of persons or creatures and each photo shoot.

I love that lamp. Great catch, Kira! 

Hopefully you got a good price on it! It's beautiful. 

I paid $100. and like $15. to ship.. I was fine with price and now that I have it.. very satisfied with cost amount. I tried for the tempo close to a month back and it went for around 200.. I love the chrome on this.. often it will look like gunmetal and the color from base can be seen even from far distance

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