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Has anyone here ever tried to filter a cloudy lava lamp using a conventional water filter, the type used to purify drinking water like Brita or other similar manufacturer. Perhaps it would not work or get blocked too easily? I was just wondering. I've about 20 cloudy lamps which need working on. J

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I have tried it and it only makes very cloudy lamps less cloudy and you also loose a lot of liquid compared to using an expensive filter. It really isnt worth your time.

This thread explains it well. I could not find the Pur filter in the UK though.
I tried it with a Brita water filter and lost some water. Wasn't worth the hassle and didn't clear the water enough. Can't say I'd try it again.
Thanks guys for your comments. Looks like a pricier filter is the way forward!
I forgot to mention this earlier but I have not had any success filtering china lava lite lamps. They do clean up some but they never clear up all the way. Other people said they get them 100% clear but have not had that much success.
I use the MSR pump on my lunar bottles and it works great :)

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