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Where do most of you find your rare lamps? Flea Markets, Estate Sales, do you trade/ buy from each other, or do you visit all the Ebay sites in all the different countries? I thought my collection was nice but after seeing some of the stuff you all have, I'm honestly mesmerized. I want to know your secret! That is, if anyone's willing to share :-D

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Ok, I lied about the date on the orange/black the pink is 2005. I am not sure how to decipher the cap on the black orange. I will post a photo eventually. Kind of bummed with it already. The globe appears clear but there are so many "sparkles" in the glass. Its hard to see the lava when its lit in a dark room. meh. The pink remains a very pretty pink.

Black goo is more of a day lamp. I knew this when I bought my Colossus. I enjoy being able to run it during the day and at night with back lighting. I like the orange/black but yeah it's dark. I have a clear/black that I dyed red. It's pretty sweet. The globe flaws have always been an issue for me no matter how well the goo flows. But hey for 10 bucks, what the hell. :)

Oh and as for the topic of this thread... I find mine on occasion locally. Tortoise shell Safari with Orange globe for 12 bucks is a nice lil' find. Wizards for 7 bucks at the local Goodwill. I've spent more on ebay but have found some pretty good stuff there. I need to get my butt back on Craigslist. Last find there was a Midnight Century for 7 bucks. I love when that happens. Half the fun is in the hunt:)

Totally! Seems like no one else near me is into lamps. More for me!

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