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My friend has a very long wall fish tank - 7.6ft long, 4 inches wide, 10 inches tall and is thinking about making it into a lamp. The base is wood so heating will have to be from the side at the base.

The issues I see with this idea is

- It may not withstand the temperature changes as it is not one piece of glass.

- The width of the tank is only 4 inches this may not be enough to get aducatue heat distribution for a good flow.

- As the heat source wont be directly under the wax it could be heated unevenly and the wax wont flow at all.

What is everyone's views of this - is it worth trying or the other option is to make it into a bubble lamp.

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An actual fish tank with caulking in the corners and glass connections??

^^ I concur in addition to my post about the caulking/sealant on fish tanks.

Understandable Marcel it does seam that could be the case

I think there is plenty of sealant in the corners as it looks well built.

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