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So I've been reading all of the posts for fixing an old lamp that is inactive, but my problem seems to be less common. The wax goes up and never comes down! It is a regular 40w bulb, but even when wax cools it remains above the liquid. I've opened up the top and found the lid was leaky and at least ten years old, so it has not been a closed system. The model is one of the straight cylinder types and the liquid is an alcohol. I have concluded the alcohol has been evaporating during the years of storage and needs to be tinkered with to get the wax to sink. Has anyone dealt with this issue?

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This is what it looks like... I attached the file too because my browser just show a bunch of jiberish.
Ok, thanks. I'll keep you posted and happy thanksgiving to all the goo heads out there!
Increased the % alcohol little by little, and liquid does stay clear but wax remains less dense. Maybe i will have to start from scratch. Hard to believe that wax won't sink!
Wax does sink in alcohol lamps is this an alcohol lamp or no? If not I wouldn't try alcohol. Alcohol often disintegrates Goo over time unless it is straight wax. Do you know what the fluid is made of or what chemicals were used to treat the Goo?
Yes, the factory liquid is alcohol based, but of course I have no idea the exact chemicals used in either the wax or the liquid. So to clarify my GOO doesn't sink in alcohol.
I'm now considering the homemade recipes and am wondering if anyone has had luck re-using the factory goo. I'm just curious since I like the color of this lamp it just doesn't flow. I know I could do the full transfer as recommended, but wheres the fun in that. Any advice is welcome...



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