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I think my lamp got bumped around in the car, because there are floating particles in the liquid. It's not so cloudy I can't see inside it, but there are definitely particles inside, and the wax has a weird texture that suggests it would feel rough and grainy if it were out of the liquid. The liquid kind of looks like it has a light mist and dust.

Does anyone know a way to clear up the lamp? I've only found advice for lamps that are completely clouded over to the point where you can't see anything inside, so I don't know if the same ideas will work in this case or which one to use.

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give us some pics!
I can supply pics tomorrow. Some further information, I don't know if it's relevant to this problem: over time all the wax ends up clumped together at the top, rather than moving up and down. Sometimes it will cool enough to descend, but because it's all in one giant clump it gets partway down and then the bottom is warmed enough to rise back up. Also a lot of the time what goes up is hollow bubbles. Is that how it's supposed to happen?

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