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I have a purple flocked matmos lunar lava lamp, in fact I got lots of rare stuff that im looking to get rid of,

a set of boxed flocked Astros, green, red, and orange,


crestworth telstar


complete set of fluidiums, every color combo the released


comlete set of rainbow jets


crestworth living jewel


crestworth lanterns, port and starboard


and loads of other cresworth and mathmos items to many to list,


if anyone is after anything in particular then drop me a line with what you want and what you are willing to pay,


my whole collection has to go due to unforeseen medical circumstances


pictures of most of my stuff can be found on here on my goo page

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just checked shipping prices by royal mail global express, to the usa, for a 20kg package the postage is a frightening £200 so it may rule out you guys over the pond

Id love to see pics, not really looking to buy because of the cost, especially the shipping cost but id love to see these beauties!

Okay thanks for the heads up.

I think Krissy is a 'He'.


Nice collection. Good luck with the sales.

Hi I've messaged you

Krissy is a He yes... i got my 2 smart astros from him years ago on ebay..

The smart astros are still going strong too. I would happily buy more lamps from krissy if i had the spare cash.

Good luck and best wishes


Modulo '70 said:

I think Krissy is a 'He'.


Nice collection. Good luck with the sales.

Any news Kris?
I sent you a friend request Kris, I'd like to know if you still have the fluidiums.

Sorry to hear that your getting rid of things - i wouldn't mind a orange and white fluidum I have the green and yellow, I will think and look at your pics to see if I am interested in other lamps your selling.

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