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Just bought three limited edition FLOCKS!!! Green red orange with boxes and papers!! no more money but SOO EXCITED!!!! :D

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Pics pics pics! These are Mathmos thing, no?
Yep. Basically Mathmos Astros with a green, red or orange flocked finish and a ring of light-up jewels (each with a Mathmos 'm' in it) around the base cone. The color combos are vivid, too, and sharply contrast the flocking color.
Awesome! Congratulations!
Three auctions for three FLOCKS one of each colour .. won all three .. Picture is of the three lamps I bought :)
RED 646, GREEN 46, ORANGE 201 :D
Don't really care about the price .. just want to be one of the few people to own all three colours in great condition with boxes and papers .. considering I saved 450 euro on my new (free) Lunar .. I invested the money on three flocks :) I bet you have all flocks and maybe some doubles :)
Thanks :D
Did a search on ebay UK .. last flock went for 160 pounds plus shipping .. sounds more like it ;) :D
fantastic!! :)

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