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Fluidium Issue, large spring ring won't seat in right place...?

Hi, I have a new to me white fluidium and it arrived with the larger spring out of place inside the bottle. I tried heating and slowly tipping the bottle to get it back into place but it seems to have stretched, or perhaps needs to be seated forcefully in place.

What are my options? The only thing I can see doing at this time is opening the bottle and trying to manipulate back into place with a wire or something similar.


Please help! 

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 What usually works for me is to heat the bottle and use a magnet on the outside to maneuver the spring.

I second that, magnets have worked for me before and are a great alternative to opening a bottle for something like a stuck coil. Good luck
Magnet is the only thing that will work with a Fluidium globe. Best spot with the most attraction is where the coil is linked together.

The quick, but gentle spin back and forth has always worked for me, after the wax is hot and globe removed from the base, but I've never had a coil that was that far out of place.   It does look like its stretched or something.   Use a magnet for sure.

Ahh, it's always good to ask the experts. I never thought of using a magnet but it worked like a charm. The lamp is working great now, thanks!!

ask autumn or erin!

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