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I'm looking for a heat shield for a fluidium, mine got broken during relocating.

I'm also looking for a working/non refilled from another line clear/white bottle for an opale fluidium : the one I own (nice condition with it's color bulbs) is obviously a refilled bottle (too much lava and bad oozing).

Last thing, I'm in France.

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goolamp sell glass heat shields, if you use a halogen reflector lamp you supposedly don't need the heat shield as most the heat is reflected forwards and away from the side casing.

as a matter of fact I have the old classic bulbs in 4 colors  so I'll be heading to goolamp. Big thanks for the info ! 

PS: unfortunately these are for astros and also using halogen bulb could do it but leaving me without colors.

Back to beginning.

Halogen bulbs (i think) being less tall than usual I might be able to insert a colored glass between the bulb and the bottle, at leat I'm willing to try.

So what is the average power I wan use for an halogen bulb ?

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