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I will offer a free globe (32oz) to anyone that can find me the font used in the logo of the picture below (the "fantasia" word).

Fantasia Serena 01

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on it, just hold on lol
lol. ok :)
k good luck lol i don't see s*** that looks like that. But i'll keep looking.
Yeah, I looked a little myself and did not find anything. I might have to get someone to make it.
I think that it's Asian... will check... that little palm tree thing looks like those 'islands' in Dubia... :O
Yeah that palm tree looking thing is cool. I know that is not going to be in any font (custom job). However I am hoping the font itself is available somewhere.
I think that it's custom... if you have this pic in something other than GIF you might be able to search this name on font style or type... best I found is this link. Good luck man... that globe better be a #01 or a chocolate! HA - http://www.itcfonts.com/
Thanks guys. The a's all do look different. Looks like I need to get it done as an image and not a font. At least I have something to work with.

What do you think the font type is for the text below it?

Lol - #01 or Chocolate. :D I wish.
That spray does look like Dubai's Palm Islands, but it's a fiber spray. I've seen three different logos - another had five or six vertical lines arching out and down (see Cosmic Window page) and yet another showed a spherical heat spray (this is on the 90s Vicon boxes). The early Electro Fiberoptics catalog's logo is a variant of the above firefly-type spray.
Hey Chris, Just been looking at this with our web dev guy, i like a challenge! The closest we can get is a font called "Diode" for everything except the "s" which is from a font called "Deep Fried". The spray as you said would definately be a custom job. Hope that helps mate. All the best - Dan.
Thanks all for the input. Was hoping there was an easy route, but it does not look like it. Lol, then again, when is anything ever easy? :D
I think Blippo is closer. Check your email, Kris.

In the end, if nothing else I can try to draw you the logo as you want it.

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