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I will offer a free globe (32oz) to anyone that can find me the font used in the logo of the picture below (the "fantasia" word).

Fantasia Serena 01

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Or you could make your own font:

What are you trying to do?
Jonas- Got the emails. Thanks :)

Keith- looks interesting

David- At first I wanted a font that matched the logo. However that may not be plausible. So I am guessing at this point, making the logo in high resolution is much more feasible. That way it can be sized down when needed for web/print or whatever. I basically need a base copy that all other copies can be made from. An "original".
Very nice. This is what I am hoping to get done. I would have the "spray" part above the I as a second image so I could change it out to suite the design. Where did you get these from? You have a secret stash somewhere?
Yes, thanks for sharing. I am working to get a working logo made. I love the vintage one.
Ahhh, now I get it - that is very cool! Good luck! :O
Close, yes. I will have to do some more searching today as well.

BTW - thanks all.
Oh my - I think we might have a winner! Tell me how you did this? Can you message me? I have some questions!
That is sweet. I have sent a friend request to you.
You get my message?
Ok sweet. That's what I was hoping for - transparent background. I am so excited!
This is absolutely awesome! I wondered if Vector was the stuff to use, but I know nothing about it.

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